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UNIWIN SMART PTY LTD is a high-tech R&D manufacturing and sales Australian company. We possess three key technologies – infrared thermal imaging system, video image processing and electro-optic systems integration. UNIWIN SMART is capable of independent design in Structural, Optics, as well as Hardware & Software. We develop various infrared products such as Infrared thermal imaging sight, handheld infrared monocular, infrared thermometer, infrared monitoring system, etc. We provide assembly, optical instrument calibration and product testing services.

iAiming thermal scope developed by UNIWIN SMART PTY LTD provides globally patented First Shot Sight-in feature throughout the entire product line, easy and automated sight-in is achieved. iAiming’s artificial Intelligence design, utilizes single dial-knob to control the scope, First Shot Auto Zero technology saves time and bullet, and does not rely much on shooter’s experience. This innovative technology has greatly improved product usability. It is a revolutionary innovation in firearm scope history, a one big step forward than what competitors can catch up without numerous amounts of effort. Our company is showing how thermal scope can be designed in more effective way. iAiming turns any ordinary shooter into a great marksman, a true helper for your hunting trip.

iAiming products are widely used in outdoor and hunting applications and are also deployed in professional fields such as, public security, electricity, water, transportation, geological exploration, bushfire prevention, driving assistance and healthcare. We are leaders in key aspects of Artificial Intelligence, low-power consumption and image processing algorithms.

Uinwin Smart Pty Ltd